US rock band The Ataris dropped by the Gibson Guitar showroom in London recently and took time out to speak exclusively to

1. Gibson Guitar: You are in the UK to promote your 5th studio album “Welcome The Night” released through Sequel records on 19th February. What can your fans expect from this new record?

The Ataris: I think the fans can expect a more mature record, that is melodic, layered and very heartfelt.  It is a bit of a departure from the previous records, but this record truly represents who we are as people today.

2. Gibson Guitar: You worked with legendary producer Nick Launay (Nick Cave and Talking Heads) what was he like to work with?

The Ataris: Nick Launay is an amazing guy.  He was able to get us to perform the best takes that we could.  We recorded this record live, all 7 of us in one room, tracking to 2 inch analog tape.  Nick is seriously a master at recording with 2 inch.  He had great ideas and pushed us to be daring and not to be predictable.

3. Gibson Guitar: Describe your sound to the readers in three words?

The Ataris: Ethereal, atmospheric and melodic.

4. Gibson Guitar: Which Gibson guitars do you use for your live shows and to record with?

The Ataris: We use 2 Gibson ES-335 guitars live.  On the record we used both 335's as well as a Gibson Les Paul Standard and a Gibson Les Paul Special.

5. Gibson Guitar: What is it like on the road with The Ataris?

The Ataris: Well, in the past things were a bit out of control, but now we have calmed down and we play a lot of poker...lame.

6. Gibson Guitar: You are due to tour the UK in April and May, what makes the British audience special/unique for you?

The Ataris: I feel that British audiences are more accepting to bands that evolve with each record.  I think that may be because they listen to all different kinds of music, not just one genre.  I also believe it's because some of the best Rock music in the world is from the UK.

7. Gibson Guitar: Did it take long to write and produce your new album?

The Ataris: The actual recording process did not take too long.  We actually ran into label problems, because Sony merged with BMG in America and many of the people that we had worked with on the last record were fired. That led to us leave the label and create our own imprint with Sanctuary/Sequel.

8. Gibson Guitar: Which bands have been your big influences and does your sound reflect this?

The Ataris: For me personally, I' am a fan of bands like Doves, Bloc Party, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, My Bloody well as many others. But some of these bands that I have listed were a huge influence on our writing.

9. Gibson Guitar: How many Gibson Guitars do you own and which is your favourite?

The Ataris: I' am always buying and selling guitars.  At the present time we own two Gibson 335's.  One is fairly new and the other one's year of production is unknown, it's sounds amazing!

10. Gibson Guitar: Thank you for your time; this is your chance to plug your new album and tour?

The Ataris: Thank you so much Gibson and thanks to our great fans in the UK!

Please check out our new record "Welcome The Night" out now!  Also, please check out our My space page and our website for all of our tour dates, pics, music...etc.