cerwinNashville, USA – July 11, 2013 – There’s no shortage of powered PA speakers, but the P-Series from Cerwin-Vega! has made DJs, solo acts, ensembles, bands, presenters, and others take notice of the extreme levels of power, bass, and clarity that the P-Series offers.

DJs have particularly demanding requirements, because the sound has to be loud, clean, and have a defined low end that punches through on the dance floor—so it’s noteworthy that DJ Booth.net’s reviewer said “The Cerwin-Vega! P1500X powered speakers are probably the best speakers that we have reviewed on DJbooth.net thus far in terms of build quality and overall sound quality.”

But the exemplary sound, punch, and super-durable construction are also welcome for any pro audio application. England’s prestigious Sound on Sound magazine said that “After working with the P-Series for a while, I’m left with an impression of toughness. They are built and perform solidly, and are capable of banging out loud and clear audio all day and night.” And Strother Bullins described the P-Series in Pro Audio Review as “One of the most impressive and unique portable PA systems…it remains my personal benchmark of what to expect from a truly pro-grade portable PA.”

The P-Series family consists of the P1500X (with 1500W peak power, 15" low-frequency driver, 1.75" high-frequency driver, and built-in 3-channel mixer) and the P1800X sub-woofer (with 2000W peak power and 18" low-frequency driver).

As Gus Jursch, Acting General Manager for Cerwin-Vega!, states “We’re gratified that the P-Series is gaining such rapid acceptance from such a wide variety of users. It confirms that our decision not to cut corners, and instead focus like a laser on uncompromised performance, was what people truly wanted.”

Exoerience the Cerwin-Vega P-Series (don’t worry, we won’t turn them up all the way), as well as other exceptional product highlights from Gibson Brands, at booth #1526.