Gibson at the NAMM Show 2013

Gibson Guitar jammed at the NAMM Show 2013 in Anaheim, California, showcasing its latest array of guitars, technology and audio equipment. NAMM is famed for illustrious attendees such as musical instrument industry reps, musicians and the media. With a long history of NAMM appearances, Gibson was right in the middle of it all, launching new models, welcoming new artists to the family and hosting artist performances and signings.

Gibson hits all the highlights here with special behind-the-scenes coverage of the rockin’est place on Earth. Think backstage access, exclusive pics and the inside scoop. We met your favorite musicians, talked with the luthiers who craft your instruments and shot incredible performances by some of the biggest names in showbiz at the Gibson booth as Gibson jams NAMM.

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Sunday, January 27th, 2013

7:30 PM CT: -The NAMM show is over and so is Gibson’s NAMM Jam 2013. Packin’ up and goin’ back home to Music City. See you next year. Until then, keep on rockin’!

6:50 PM CT: -Take one last look around — It’s time to say goodbye!

6:35 PM CT: -Ever experienced stage fright? Dr. Epiphone will see you now! He has his mind set on discovering how YouTuber Alex G overcame her fear of singing and got started on YouTube.

5:40 PM CT: -That’s what a Gibson does to you – you fall in love!

5:15 PM CT: -Who rocks the Xbox best? Got game? Alex G thinks she can beat metal prodigy Nik Kai at Rocksmith™...

3:55 PM CT: -How do you put an electric guitar to the ultimate test? After giving some of Gibson’s beautiful beasts a workout, Tesla’s guitarist Dave Rude passes on some tips to Alex G.

3:05 PM CT: -A Tribute to Les Paul. Gibson USA is celebrating 2013 as The Year of Les Paul by focusing the 2013 product line-up on the guitars that adorned his name — the Les Paul and the SG.

2:45 PM CT: -Experts among themselves. If you think the back looks good, wait until you see the front!

2:20 PM CT: -Shake it up! Looking for a chance to dance and make music in unusual places? Alex G gets all giggly when Roshon Fegan raves about his new studio project.

1:55 PM CT: -What do you wanna be when you grow up? Have you considered being a DJ rockin’ the crowds? DJ Spark tells Alex G what it takes to succeed in the scratchin’ business – get sparked!

1:35 PM CT: -Get sparked with Stanton’s scratchin’ DJ equipment and KRK’s speakers with all the punch and power for that extra oomph!


12:50 PM CT: -Ready for some serious scratchin’? Top L.A. turntablist DJ Spark shows Alex G her way round a Stanton turntable. And then she scratched it!

12:20 PM CT: -What is your favorite color? Red – at least when it comes to guitars? YouTuber Alex G talks studio production with Elliot Richardson who is salivating over a redder than red Gibson ES-390 hanging on the wall.

11:55 AM CT: -Hangin' in the Gibson booth! Trying great guitars, rocking with the crowd and hearing amazing artist performances!

11:35 PM CT: -YouTuber Alex G hits the rockin’est floor on Earth and coaxes a song out of sisters Sarah and Stephanie Snyder, a.k.a. Deer Park Avenue!

11:15 AM CT: -Last day of Gibson jammin’ NAMM — final YouTube star. Any idea who will be Gibson’s eyes and ears today? She is “just a normal, energetic girl who loves music, Carol Burnett, and food.” She has also decided that she loves singing, and loves sharing her music with awesome people! Well, solved the riddle? It’s vlogging singer/songwriter Alex G!

10:15 AM CT: -Get up! Get dressed! And rock on over! It’s Day 4 at Gibson’s 2013 NAMM Jam.

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

9:15 PM CT: -Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz rocks on stage.

9:05 PM CT: -Push. Strum. Tuned. Play! GET IN TUNE with Min-ETune™ — spend less time tuning and more time rocking, thanks to this small compact tuning unit attached to the back of the guitar!

Min-ETune™ Min-ETune™ Min-ETune™

8:50 PM CT: -What would be your stage name? Looking for some inspiration? Meghan Tonjes’s got you covered. Tune in to find out how Binky Griptite from Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings found his!

8:25 PM CT: -It’s blues time! Tune in for a killer demo on a beautiful Gibson Les Paul as Meghan Tonjes chats to Canadian country blues star Lindsay Ell.

7:50 PM CT: -Dream big — Rock hard!

7:20 PM CT: -Some like it hot!!! Meghan Tonjes kisses Andy Dick and finds out more than she probably wanted to know about his band – The Bitches of the Century – and their “whimsically inappropriate” songs.

7:00 PM CT: -How many Gibson guitar models can you name? Get ready: Night Ranger’s Brad Gillis and fellow guitarist Joel Hoekstra can barely stop.  Owning a serious guitar collection, Gillis let Meghan Tonjes in on the know why Gibsons are "meaner and beefier" – enjoy!

6:45 PM CT: -Gibson takes guitar engineering to another level.

6:10 PM CT: -Get the popcorn! Meghan Tonjes goes Hollywood and catches up with actor Robert Peters who starred in Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln.’ 

5:55 PM CT: -Gibson’s NAMM Jam goes international when Shim Moore of Aussie hard rockers Sick Puppies tells Meghan Tonjes what inspired him to plays 335s. Any ideas? It’s not what you think!

5:30 PM CT: -Looking for some great gear? You have come to the right place! Explore the sound of Gibson!

5:10 PM CT: -It’s getting colorful backstage. New hard rock artist Madame Mayhem and her producer Mark Hudson talk rock and favorite guitars, but Meghan Tonjes zeros in on that rainbow growth on his chin!

4:55 PM CT: -In for a surprise: The metal shredder-in-chief for Guitar Hero, Marcus Henderson, turns the tables and grills Meghan Tonjes. And she has quite the story to tell: From learning guitar to impress a boy to her upcoming reality web series, Meghan is one to watch — Marcus is impressed!

4:40 PM CT: -Been dying to get guitar? Well, someone is getting lucky today. Jason Hook of Five Finger Death Punch is signing and presenting an overjoyed winner with a Jason Hook M-4 Sherman - the Explorer that’s built like a tank!  

4:25 PM CT: -What do vanilla and Gibson guitars have in common? History buff and Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook lets Meghan Tonjes in on the secret as he prepares to give a delicious Jason Hook M-4 Sherman away to one lucky winner.

3:20 PM CT: -“It’s dope,” says DJ Young 1 when rockin’ the 1a and 2s on Stanton’s SCS.4DJ Complete Digital DJ System! Meghan Tonjes catches the student of Jam Master Jay’s Scratch Academy after her showcase. Check it out!

2:45 PM CT: -So, this is where it all happens: Interviews, performances and demos. Just think of the great artists and celebs that come here to jam!

2:25 PM CT: -Sssshhhh!!! For months guitar legend Earl Slick was sworn to secrecy while he worked on David Bowie's comeback album. 'Is there a lot of rockin' guitar on the album Earl? How are Bowies new songs?" OK. Ok. We'll wait.

1:55 PM CT: -Take it from a pro. Right before the craziness of NAMM catches on, Meghan Tonjes talks rock and roll legends with sideman extraordinaire, Earl Slick, who can drop a serious name or two!

1:35 PM CT: -It’s a serious business, this rock and roll!!

1:10 AM CT: -Metalocalypse mastermind Brendon Small channels Pete Townshend.

1:05 PM CT: -Rockin’ animation or animated rockin’? When Metalocalypse mastermind and top shredder Brendon Small gets animated with Meghan Tonjes, probably both! Showing offhisEpiphone Thunderhorse prototype, he explains why it’s the perfect studio guitar.

12:55 PM CT: -Get your sunglasses ready — it’s silver, it sparkles and Tommy calls it his “baby.” as Meghan Tonjes and KISS’s Tommy Thayer are talking tech about his brand new Epiphone Limited Edition Tommy Thayer Spaceman Les Paul Standard. He’s gonna be playing it live with KISS. Where? Watch the video?

12:45 PM CT: -It looks that good, I could KISS it! Tommy Thayer proudly presenting his new signature Ltd. Ed. Tommy Thayer “Spaceman” Les Paul Standard Outfit.

12:35 PM CT: -On the hunt for the magical guitar… YouTube sensation Meghan Tonjes interrogates young pop phenomenon Colton Jacobson, who has quite a story to tell!

12:15 PM CT: -Partners in crime — Meghan Tonjes chats up CSI:NY’s Det. Don Flack. Who knew the actor and NAMM virgin Eddie Cahill was a serious guitar student?

12:05 PM CT: -Rock out at Gibson's NAMM Jam! There are endless walls of great gear from the entire Gibson family of brands in the Gibson booth. What would you wanna pick up and put to the test first?

11:45 AM CT: -New day of Gibson jammin' NAMM - new YouTube star. Have you guessed who will be Gibson’s eyes and ears today? Get excited! It's part-time musician and full-time firestarter Meghan Tonjes!

11:30 AM CT: -Welcome to Day 3 at Gibson's NAMM Jam! Can't wait to get playin'? You are not alone - better hurry...

Friday, January 25th, 2013

8:45 PM CT: -Wawa wham, rockin' Gibson's NAMM Jam. These girls are on fire!

Alicia Lemke

8:40 PM CT: -Ethereal melodies, lush harmonies and primal drums — that is the transfixing sound of Alicia Lemke. The beautiful singer explains to Lana McKissack, just what makes her Gibson CJ-165 the perfect fit.

8:25 PM CT: -One guy, one guitar, a lot of music! All you need is love — for The Beatles. Mike West has lots of it and shares the details about his live, acoustic study of The Beatles, their music and the inspiration behind the songs with Lana McKissack.

8:15 PM CT: -Meet the warrior of rock and man behind the terrifying licks of Guitar Hero, Marcus Henderson! He gives Lana McKissack lots of tips on how to become a guitar hero yourself. Don’t miss this!

8:10 PM CT: - Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz mingling with artists at Gibson's 2013 NAMM Jam.

Zakk Wylde and Henry Juskiewicz Zakk Wylde and Henry Juskiewicz

7:45 PM CT: - Gibson's NAMM Jam becomes fancy when Lana McKissack gets the guys from RunRunRun talking backstage.

7:15 PM CT: - Get rockin'! Lana McKissack gets her own tutor at Gibson’s ‘School of Rock.’ Can she rock out enough to pass her test on the new 2013 ‘60s Tribute Les Paul?

7:05 PM CT: -The 2013 NAMM Jam Fashion Collection!

6:55 PM CT: - Lana McKissack takes a walk on the "Wylde" side and gets some surprising answers when she quizzes Gibson Guitar’s favorite metal legend, Zakk Wylde.

6:35 PM CT: - Can you guess Nick Wheeler's of All American Rejects favorite guitar model? Don't miss him sharing the secret with Lana McKissack and baring some skin! .

6:10 PM CT: -This NAMM Jam rocks! Seriously! Metalhead Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society shaking hands with fans and giving autographs.

5:50 PM CT: -It's time for a guitar giveaway! Ready? Robb Flynn of Machine Head takes a pick...and look how happy the lucky winner is!

5:15 PM CT: - Lovin’ it backstage? Come with Lana McKissack to catch an edgy performance of rainbow-bearded producer Mark Hudson preparing an Aerosmith song with new artist Madame Mayhem. Clue? The song was a smash and Mark co-wrote it with Steven and Joe for Aerosmith.

3:40 PM CT: - Vlog 'n' roll at Gibson's 2013 NAMM Jam. YouTube teen-rockers Echosmith rock the booth and tell Lana McKissack a few secrets.

2:25 PM CT: - Up for a challenge? Tune in to watch YouTuber Lana McKissack dare blues-rocker Jared James Nichols to beat the riff competition.

1:55 PM CT: -Wham bam NAMM Jam! Wild, bright and sky-high – the hair styles of NAMM 2013.

1:15 PM CT: -Dr. Epiphone will see you now! Get administered your daily dose of expert guitar tips and highlights of the 2013 lineup.

Dr. Epiphone Dr. Epiphone

12:30 PM CT: -Who can resist the lure of a Gibson guitar? Hear them whisper “Come play me?” These players sure hear the calling…

These players sure hear the calling These players sure hear the calling These players sure hear the calling
These players sure hear the calling These players sure hear the calling These players sure hear the calling

11:45 AM CT: -Can’t wait for the next installment of Gibson jammin’ NAMM? Lana McKissack is Gibson’s eyes and ears today. The lively YouTuber hits the rockin’est floor on Earth and does, what she does best: “I do sketches, songs and vlogs, and I frequently collaborate with sexy people on new videos every Thursday!!!”

Lana McKissack

11:30 AM CT: -Ready for Day 2 of Gibson’s NAMM Jam? Check out these beauties in the Gibson booth #303AB! Which one would you like to play?

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

9:15 PM CT: -Do you have a Justin Bieber haircut? Wanna be a bit more rock and roll? Jon D. does and now he gets to ask some genuine rock stars at Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Roast, “How do I become more metal?”

8:45 PM CT: -Now it’s time for some twisted humor — rockin’ over to Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Roast!


7:50 PM CT: -Jon D. hangs with champion water-chugger and YouTube King Tyler Ward and his guitarist Joey. You won’t believe what they talk about!

7:30 PM CT: -Extravaganza at the Gibson booth. Totsy’s glamorous hotties are jammin’ in style!

Min-ETune™ Min-ETune™ Min-ETune™
Min-ETune™ Min-ETune™ Min-ETune™

6:35 PM CT: -Ready to play some games? YouTube hot shot Jon D. quizzes rocker Billy Morrison and gets an answer or two he wasn’t expecting.

6:15 PM CT: -YouTuber Jon D. is jamming NAMM. Guess who Jon gets to see at Gibson's NAMM Jam! It’s rock legend Brian Wilson performing "Surfin' USA."

5:30 PM CT -Fallen in love lately? Sure looks like YouTube star Tyler Ward is falling for Min-ETune™.


4:50 PM CT -Self-taught guitarist and Battle of the Blues winner Boscoe France, jamming and sharing a few priceless tips.

Min-ETune™ Brian Wilson at NAMM Min-ETune™

4:40 PM CT -No Robb, I said, “Say Cheese!” Robb Flynn of Machine Head with his signature Epiphone Love/Death Baritone-V.

Robb Flynn Love-Death Baritone Flying V

4:10 PM CT -Danger! It’s the explosive new Jason Hook M-4 Sherman.

Jason Hook M-4 Sherman

3:20 PM CT -Getting in tune with Gibson's new Min-ETune™, the most fuss-free automatic tuning system ever. It’s definitely a hit and the players are lovin’ it.

Min-ETune™ Min-ETune™ Min-ETune™

2:35 PM CT -Fighting through the crowd in the packed Gibson booth to see rock and roll legend Brian Wilson.

Brian Wilson Brian Wilson at NAMM Fighting through the crowd in the packed Gibson booth to see rock and roll legend Brian Wilson.

2:30 PM CT -Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz introducing Brian Wilson.

Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz introducing Brian Wilson.

12:40 PM CT -Gibson's 'Wall of Sound'

Gibson NAMM Wall of Guitars

11:29 AM CT -The countdown begins! 5, 4, 3, 2...NAMM Jam!

Gibson NAMM Floor Display

10:20 AM CT -Ready for some NAMM jam? Jon Duckworth is Gibson’s eyes and ears today. The quirky YouTuber who goes by Simply Spoons, disguises some real music and visual talent with a humble Facebook ‘About’ entry: “We just some dudes makin’ vids.” Right!

Stay tuned.

Jon Duckworth as Simply Spoons at NAMM 2013

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

4:20 PM CT -Gibson has designated 2013 as the Year of Les Paul, paying tribute to the avid inventor, expert player, creative sound engineer, and long-time partner of Gibson Guitars. The entire Les Paul collection will be showcased at NAMM – that’s awesome, still bringing in guitars from the bus though... Set-up day is crazy!

NAMM Gibson Bus

1:25 PM CT -Watch out for Gibson’s YouTube gang jamming NAMM this year. Gibson is working with some of your favorite YouTubers to provide that behind-the-scenes coverage you are looking for. Curious? Can’t wait for those special video reports from the floor of the rockin'est place on Earth? Check back here to find out who will be backstage in the Gibson booth, vlogging about the stars, experts and cool new products very soon!

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

2:14 PM CT - This year’s artist appearances at the Gibson booth include Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), Billy Morrison (Billy Idol, Camp Freddy), Creed Bratton from TV show “The Office”, producer/bass legend/American Idol judge Randy Jackson, singer songwriter Lisa Loeb, Ambrosia's David Pack, Mastodon's Bill Kelliher, Robb Flynn of Machine Head, Brendon Small, KISS's Tommy Thayer, Trivium's Matt Heafy, Brian Ray of the Paul McCartney band, Eddie Cahill (CSI NY) and Dave Amato (REO Speedwagon) - even John Stamos (The Beach Boys/Full House).

But that's not all! There will also be appearances by DJ Ashba of Guns N' Roses/SIXX AM, and the Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson. A few hardened industry vets told us of choking up a bit when stumbling upon Wilson at NAMM last year. This year Gibson will also launch the Jason Hook M-4 Sherman Explorer, a limited-edition instrument inspired by the Five Finger Death Punch guitarist.

Monday, January 21st, 2013

10:17 PM CT - For Gibson NAMM week is already rolling. Although the NAMM Show officially kicks off on Thursday, for many NAMM Week starts on Monday with Steel Panther's set at the House of Blues in West Hollywood. This is where you'll find musicians, music retail staff, media, agents, managers and anyone else vaguely connected with the musical instrument industry letting their hair down before the onslaught of the coming days.

For a chance to get up close and personal with Steel Panther, check out this seriously censored video, when Gibson caught up with Steel Panther recently on the Gibson bus.

NAMM Steel Panther

Photo Credit: Joseph Puhy