You’ve seen them before – or, at least, you’re beginning to – and they are quickly changing  (and enhancing ) the way consumers shop for goods and services.

QR codes are those funky little maze-like boxes more and more businesses are integrating into their promotional materials to improve the overall shopping experience for their customers. QR (or Quick Response) codes are viewed through a smart phone’s QR reader, which is an app most smart phones can download, in most cases, for free (check with your service provider for details).

Now, Gibson is bringing QR technology to participating dealers. After you scan a QR code associated with a particular Gibson guitar, your phone will link to the specific product page on the Internet for that particular guitar, showing all of the special details, specs and highlights of the instrument.

For instance, the QR code you see on this page will take you directly to the 2012 Les Paul Standard product page.