Music for All, the charity of the U.K. musical instrument industry, is proud to announce the first annual, National Learn to Play Day taking place on March 31. It will be supported by some of the country’s top rock stars. The U.K.’s musical instrument shops, including a number of Gibson dealers, will open their doors and offer free instrument “taster” lessons to the general public.

There are 15 million people in the U.K. that either want to play an instrument or used to play one. The day is designed to welcome people into music shops and to inspire them to get playing. People often are surprised to discover that they are musical and simply need a musical “experience” to get them inspired to start playing.

National Learn to Play Day will offer free lessons on a variety of instruments, supported by music teachers and additional guidance on getting started learning to play music. Instrument manufacturers, including Gibson, also will be supporting this inaugural event with staff, instruments and special offers!

Paul McManus, chief executive of Music for All, said, “Music for All knows how much music can change and enrich people’s lives. We are hosting the annual Learn to Play Day to allow as many people as possible to experience the wonderful world of making music.”

Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason, commenting on the National Learn to Play Day, said: “Learning an instrument isn’t about becoming a star, anymore than learning to swim means you want to become a haddock. It makes friends, teaches you the real advantages of working with other people to achieve a common goal, and provides an enormous sense of sheer pleasure when almost any music is produced. I’ve been doing it for over 40 year and still love it.”

The charity also is proud to have partnered for the event with the Musicians’ Union, Arts Council England’s Take it Away scheme, and

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