U.K. pop star Simon Webbe and guitarist Alex Reid recently wielded an imposing J-185 and a white ES-335 during a promo shoot to prep for Webbe’s first European tour.

Simon Webbe began his auspicious career as a member of Blue, the cheeky British pop group that sold over 9.5 million albums and 3.5 million singles. During his tenure with Blue, Webbe honed his songwriting talents, writing many of the band’s 40 No. 1 singles.

Following Blue’s split, solo work seemed a natural next step for Webbe, whose debut album, Sanctuary, was released in 2005, with its first two singles—“Lay Your Hands” and “No Worries”— quickly reaching No. 4 on the U.K. charts.

Webbe’s upcoming tour is all set to promote his sophomore solo album, Grace, out on Innocent Records. He will tour Europe throughout May and June to promote the album, which Simon calls an “urban folk record—warm, uplifting, and real.”

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