In 1934, Gibson built its first Jumbo round-shoulder, in response to changing trends and the technology of the time. The 1934 catalog described the Jumbo as having “a heavy, booming tone…a bass that will amaze you and a clear, brilliant treble in perfect balance.”

This year’s new 1934 Original Jumbo is a replica inspired by one found in vintage Gibson expert Gary Burnett’s collection. Earlier this year Burnett made his rare 1934 Jumbo, serial number 507A, available to us to measure, photograph, analyze, and play.

Strumming this 80-year-old classic produced Gibson’s characteristic, warm tone. But there was also a woody, sweet midrange timbre that captures the special behavior of these 1930s Gibson legends—so Gibson’s production team got to work on an exhaustive effort to capture every nuance of this classic guitar’s deep, inviting sound.

From the red spruce top (sanded to a thinner dimension to match the original), to the heavy, period-correct V profile neck with historic string spacing on the neck and bridge, to the radiant sunburst finish with a classic pear-shaped center that tapers perfectly into a dark, rich deep umber brown edge, the 1934 Original Jumbo is a triumph both of elegance and historical accuracy that captures the dignified—yet enchanting—magic of the first jumbo acoustic.

The 1934 Original Jumbo is a true hand-made, American legend, and limited to a run of 100 guitars. See the 1934 Original Jumbo, as well as other exceptional product highlights from Gibson Brands, at booth #1526.