The world of country has a habit of firing stars from nowhere, but for meteoric rises you’ll do better to find a better example than Luke Combs. The burly 28-year-old was pretty much unheard of until “Hurricane” became a sing-along anthem in 2016 and went platinum. Even Combs admits, “It happened so fast! We’ve just played so many shows in the last year, it’s hard to pick a favorite... but two sold out shows at the Ryman Auditorium [in February] was pretty special.”

Luke Combes

Combs’ everyman appeal is clear. Although now based in Nashville, his is a grittier country than you’ll often hear from the glass-towers of Music City. Combs is not too bothered about polish – and for a long time he couldn’t afford to be. That breakthrough “Hurricane” single came out of a self-funded $200-a-track EP session, and at the time Combs didn’t even have the cash to get it expensively recorded and mastered. “The one that’s on the radio, that’s the only time I ever sang it,” he explains.

“Hurricane” was a massive hit anyway, and he’s followed it up with the smart “When It Rains It Pours” and the slow-burning “One Number Away.” Combs’ debut album, This One’s For You, has hit #1 on the US Country Chart and #5 the Billboard 200. Midway through his current US headline tour, Combs sat down to chat with

People who play country seem to have it in their blood: is that the case with you?

“My dad wasn’t a big country fan, but my mom was. We would roll around and listen to Brooks & Dunn and Clint Black on cassette tape. My first concert was Vince Gill in 1996, I was six!”

But we’ve heard you turned away from country for a long time, and only got back into it when you went to college?

“That’s right. From the age of 10 to 18, I was listening to anything but country. I was really into Nirvana, really deep punk like the Dead Kennedys, hip-hop… What got me back into country was ‘Carolina’ by Eric Church.”

Was that because Church also went to your college, Appalachian State University?

“No, that was just a coincidence. I’d heard of Eric already. But I always wanted to go to that college—that campus is beautiful, and when I got there people said: ‘oh, Eric Church went to this college. Oh, right! But it was just coincidence really.”

You’re quite unusual though: you only actually picked up a guitar aged 21, and you were playing own shows just months later?

“Yep! I was coming towards the end of my college tenure…when I started, I only had a few weeks left. My parents had bought me a guitar for Christmas when I was in seventh grade, but I never picked it up. But that summer before I was leaving I just decided to pick it up and see if I could play.

“I didn’t get lessons from anyone – I just learned off YouTube! Everyone just goes with the first basic chords, don’t they, at first? And that was all I did, three or four chords. But I guess when I got to play “Wagon Wheel” [the Bob Dylan/Old Crow Medicine Show song later made famous by Darius Rucker] I was like: Damn, I can do this. When I realized I could play and sing at the same time, it was: let’s do this!

“Once I could play those four chords or so I realized I could play a ton of stuff, and my first show was six months after I started playing guitar. But I wasn’t nervous – I’d been singing in choirs since I was a kid so I was used to performing in front of people.”

Your fans seem to cover a wide demographic: college kids, “ordinary guys” who just like a big tune, and older country fans who like the fact that you’re a bit old-school?

“Yeah, the more that we’ve gotten into bigger rooms, the more it’s turned into a real mixed bag of a crowd. Everyday, working-class people is the majority of our crowd, a lot of college students too but there’s people in the front row who are, like, 65… and six or five! And that’s all I want really. Play my songs, have people like ‘em. You can’t ask for more.”

You’ve been stepping out on stage with Gibson acoustics: that’s a classic country choice, right?

“Sure! I’ve got Doves, J-200s, Hummingbirds… I got a bunch of Gibsons now. They just have such a great sound, plugged in or not. We’re playing live so much right now and they travel well too, and the folks at Gibson have been great. I should get an Eric Church Hummingbird Dark? Hey, I already have one. And I have one of his. Eric gave it to me!

“My Gibsons are just great live guitars. I love playing the rock clubs. Right now, we’re playing five or six-thousand seaters and that’s super-fun too, but it is very different. But wherever I am, just being onstage, me and my guitar, my band.... I’m really enjoying our crowd right now, so much. It’s hard to beat that moment.”

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