Gibson Custom Shop badges on guitars

Each Gibson Custom Shop guitar that passes through final assembly and inspection is fitted with a die cast badge, signifying it as an authentic Gibson Custom guitar that has met our high standards of craft. The badge is more than a symbol of quality, however. It is also a useful tool for identifying other aspects of the guitar such as its model family, specification set and the year that it was crafted. Our goal is to create a traceable lineage for every guitar that we create and to help you commemorate your guitar in the years to come.

There are four Custom Shop badges that can be found on a Gibson Custom guitar if the guitar has a Rhythm and Treble switch access cavity in the back of the guitar. Here is a guide to what each badge means and where you should expect to find it on an authentic Gibson Custom guitar (beginning in 2014):


Gibson Custom Badges True Historic: This badge identifies a guitar built to our most refined set of Historic Reissue features known as the True Historic range. These guitars are what we refer to as “replica level” because of the extensive level of detail and effort invested in recreating the specifications of original Gibson solid body electric guitars from the 1950’s and 1960’s.
Gibson Custom Badges Historic Select: A guitar built to True Historic Reissue specifications, but customized in some way is fitted with a Historic Select badge. In many cases, the eventual owner has chosen something unique to make the guitar their own; color, neck profile, hardware, etc.
Gibson Custom Badges Collector’s Choice: A Collector's Choice™ badge identifies a guitar that has been crafted based on the specifications of a specific original vintage guitar. Gibson Custom works with collectors of vintage Gibsons from around the world, carefully scanning and studying prime examples and recreating every detail as is humanly possible; its neck profile, top carve, tone, color and even its decades of wear.
Gibson Custom Badges Gibson Custom: The Gibson Custom Badge is fitted to our Standard Historic and Modern Era ranges. Standard Historic is our most popular Historic Reissue guitar. Modern Era guitars are models inspired by our vintage past, but not bound by them.


Each year, the badges are updated to reflect the new year, making it easy to identify its age. Also included in each Gibson Custom guitar case (when applicable) is a standard, plastic Rhythm and Treble switch access cavity cover. This allows an owner to affix the plastic cover so that the guitar maintains its original, vintage look, while the die-cast badge can be put on display or kept as a memento.