2016 Gibson Custom Lineup

The 2016 lineup from Gibson Custom is here, and this time we’ve divided it into three categories: Standard Historic, True Historic, and Modern Era. Our Standard Historic line consists of a 1957 Les Paul Goldtop, a 1958, ’59, and ’60 Les Paul Standard, as well as a 1961 SG Standard. All instruments come with our Historic Long Neck Tenon, which is created to the same specs as the original for the best tone and sustain possible. The Standard Historic line also come with lightweight aluminum tailpieces for increased sustain, and a Hot Hide Glue Neck Joint for that legendary Burst tone.

The True Historic line is made up of six instruments, all Les Pauls. Aside from the four Les Pauls in the Standard Historic line, we've also created faithful reproductions of a ’56 Goldtop, and a ’57 “Black Beauty” LP Custom. But when it comes to the True Historic line we've gone a step further in providing the most accurate reproduction possible of these vintage guitars. The hot hide glue has been used to join not only the neck, but the top and body as well. Through lab analysis we've been able to recreate the composition of the plastics in the Toggle Washer, Cream Jackplate, Cream Pickguard, Pickup Mounting Rings and Toggle Switch Cap. Other features of the True Historic line include double-carved tops, and hand-filed fingerboard bindings for exceptional playability.

The Modern Era line is consists of five guitars. The Les Paul Custom Axcess Stopbar, and the Les Paul Custom Axcess Floyd both have modern appointments like the Axcess Heel Carve which gives you full access to all 22 frets with ease. Customers are offered a choice between a regular Stopbar or a Floyd Rose vibrato system. There’s also a Flying V Standard, and a Flying V Custom. As the name implies, the Flying V Custom has been given the aesthetics of the original “Black Beauty” Les Paul Custom. Rounding out the Modern Era line is the legendary EDS-1275 Double Neck, made famous by the likes of Jimmy Page, and Alex Lifeson.

These are just some of all the amazing features included in the 2016 Gibson Custom Lineup. Check it out!