Gibson Les Paul Standard HP - Titanium Nut

The neck of a guitar is incredibly important to the way we connect with the instrument. It’s where we select our notes, of course, but it’s also where we shape their phrasing. And ultimately it’s a personal choice. Some of us prefer fat necks, some prefer thin, some prefer vintage, some prefer modern. The neck found on Gibson USA 2016 HP model guitars is designed for players who are seeking a high-performance guitar for modern playing styles and who might have felt a little cramped on traditionally-shaped Gibson necks, or are simply looking for something with improved ergonomics for advanced styles.

Gibson HP neck heel I’ve seen it on forums and social media many times: “I’d love to own a Gibson but I just don’t get along with the necks.” I get it: personally I’ve always enjoyed playing shred-oriented guitars, but when I look back at photos of my bedroom when I was 14, there were more posters of Les Pauls than anything else, and yet it took me over two decades of playing before I finally got a Les Paul Traditional (mainly for playing blues and blues-rock), and a few years after that before I became comfortable enough in its use as a shred machine to use it for my faster, more progressive material. If you’re the kind of player who’s always wanted the classic looks and tone of a Les Paul but you’re more familiar and comfortable with the wider necks and more accessible upper frets of other instruments, a Soloist neck might be just what you’ve been waiting for: it gives you the same legendary tones and iconic styling but with a slicker, faster, more high-performance feel.

The Soloist neck maintains the same string spacing as a typical Gibson neck but is designed to be more comfortable for faster playing styles and more advanced techniques. It’s been extensively prototyped and play-tested in every dimension — width, depth, shape — to let you play for longer periods of time and to execute precision techniques such as two-handed tapping, sweep pickup, legato and wide vibrato. One of the ways it achieves this is via the treatment of the frets: they’re lower, more polished and are more rounded at the edges, giving you a smoother, slicker feel.

The adjustable Titanium zero-fret nut also aids in the ability to dial in the perfect player-friendly setup no matter what your style: it allows you to set the string height at the nut end whether you prefer a nice low action for tricky chords and speedy riffs, or a higher action for slide or heavier string gauges. Now if you prefer super-low action you can have a consistent feel all the way from the 22nd fret right on down to the first. Titanium is a very stable, sturdy metal which gives you more resonance and attack. In fact the strings pass over Titanium at the opposite end too via Titanium bridge saddles. For more on the benefits of Titanium, check out this article.

Gibson Les Paul Standard HP - Frets

And if you’re the kind of player who seeks the ultimate in playable, shreddable necks, you’ll probably also want improved upper-fret access as well. The HP line also includes a brand-new exclusive fast-access heel designed specifically for the Gibson USA High Performance lineup, so you can not only reach the upper frets but positively comfortably explore higher melodies and lead licks without feeling cramped or hindered. It opens up your creativity by giving to freer access to those notes, and it’s designed to be as beautiful as it is functional.

What it all comes down to is that if you’re seeking a more modern feel but with classic looks and sound, the Soloist neck allows you to play more confidently, more comfortably, higher and faster than ever before.


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  Improved High Performance Series
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  • Historic heel
  • TekToid nut
  • Original neck width
  • Vintage tuners
  • Standard toggle switch
  • Double-contact-point jack
  • Traditional grade wood selection
  • Acrylic inlays
  • Traditional hard shell case
    * Specific Models Only. See product page for details.
  • Fast Access heel
  • Adjustable titanium zero fret nut
  • New soloist's neck width
  • Improved G-Force tuners
  • Smooth silent-action toggle switch
  • New gold plated multi-contact jack
  • Dip switch for over 150 rewiring options
  • Higher grade wood selection
  • Genuine Mother of Pearl inlays
  • Fortified aluminum case
    * Specific Models Only. See product page for details