Chris Lorde Alge by Anne Erickson

Head inside any given recording studio, and chances are, you’ll find loads of Gibson Pro Audio products, including Onkyo, Stanton, KRK Systems, Neat, Cakewalk and Cerwin-Vega! Here the experts tell us why that is.

Megadeth’s Chris Broderick on how he uses SONAR Platinum, as told to Cakewalk:

I use Sonar both in my home studio and on the road. In the studio I have a Lynx Hilo and Neve 1073 clone as my front end. For the vocals I used my Se Gemini V mic in the tube side, and for the Cello, Acoustic, and Classical guitars I used the same mic with the transformer side. The Electric guitar was all recorded through my Fractal Axe FX XL through SPDIF, and I am very pleased with how the sound from my Mackie HR824 monitors are outside of SONAR – very musical.

Producer Howard Benson on his studio’s KRK Systems speakers and favorite guitar, as told to

Those are our main speakers: the KRK V6 and V8. We’ve been using those for 10 years now. We must have tried 20 speakers, and those were the best. We use a Gibson ‘57 or ‘58 Les Paul Jr., which is a student or teaching guitar, so it has a smaller neck. That’s the guitar you hear on every record I do, because it’s so smooth and so perfect sounding. Every string is the same volume as the next string. The sustain is great on it. Most of my bands are Gibson kinds of bands. I have some Les Pauls and a Custom Shop Flying V that I use.”

Five Finger Death Punch’s Jason Hook on his longtime love of KRK gear:

I loved (the KRK Rokit) monitors and used them for years. It wasn’t until after I became a Gibson artist that I found out KRK was part of the brand. That’s why when I upgraded my home studio, I had to get the newest monitors from KRK." Hook currently uses the KRK VXT8 accompanied by a KRK 12sHO large sub.

Producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, who uses Cerwin-Vega! Active Series speaker system for his Darkchild Entertainment studios in Los Angeles, on his process for making music, as told to Cerwin Vega!

When I’m creating, I like it really loud, overly loud. I always try to tweak or figure out how we can make the music sound better. The live sound speakers give me the opportunity to listen to how this might be sounding in a club atmosphere. That’s really what they’re there for.

Let’s not forget the importance of guitars. Mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge has a funny story about one of his prized Gibson acoustics and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. “In Green Day’s ‘21 Guns’ video, Billie Joe Armstrong is playing my Gibson acoustic,” Lord-Alge told “It was a prototype Gibson made that was given to me, and he liked it so much that I gave it to him, and Gibson made a signature acoustic of it. I begged him to give me one, and he never did! I have a ’56 Custom in black, the Les Paul Jr. from Billie Joe Armstrong and the Limited Edition Gary Rossington Les Paul.”

Photo by Anne Erickson