Gibson’s 2017 lineup is here. Our popular Traditional (T) and High Performance (HP) series are both back with new advancements focusing on tone, playability, and quality. Only the best craftsmanship and the best hardware is good enough for a Gibson guitar, so whether you’re the traditional type or you’re looking for an instrument with the latest innovations in neck speed, fret height, and binding, there is definitely a Gibson guitar that’s right for you. So let’s have a look at what we have in store for our 2017 T and HP series!

Our luxurious T series has the iconic feel and tone you’ve come to expect from a Gibson guitar. All guitars come with pickups that perfectly match the respective models, either open with solid or zebra coils exposed, or with nickel or chrome covers for a vintage finish and classic tone. The bold humbucker sound combined with the feel of the historically accurate neck will instantly let you know that you’re playing a Gibson. It is the skilled hand craftsmanship of our luthiers that make all of this possible, allowing you to focus solely on being inspired by the feel of your new guitar.

Standard HP

The original nylon nut and original 1.695” neck width that helped craft thousands of hits will help you achieve that true historic tone. The 0.55” polished frets of the Traditional series provide extreme comfort and allow for frictionless bends, with the smoothness of the rolled binding over the frets further enhancing playing comfort. Our traditional heel adds to that historic feel that permeates the T series, and is further accentuated visually with our black and white plastic truss rod cover, historic acrylic inlay material, classic Gibson tone and volume controls, and fixed historic sturdy pickguards.

Our thrilling HP guitars come with all the bells and whistles available, thanks to cutting-edge components and developments, taking playability and sound to whole new levels. The HP series guitars come with the fast-access heel which gives you an unimpaired access to the high notes, and in combination with our 0.45” low-profile polished frets and frets-over-binding, you have a neck with an extremely smooth feel that will allow you to play faster than ever before. The 1.745” neck width provides more room for bends and vibratos, which is perfect for soloists.

Standard HP

The latest version of G FORCE™ used on our 2017 HP series comes with new and improved gears that keep the sound from the tuners at a minimum when G FORCE™ is active. Tune your guitar to standard or switch to an alternate tuning quickly and quietly. With G FORCE™ changing strings is a breeze. Just put on a new string, hit a button, and let G FORCE™ do the tuning for you! You'll be back rocking out within mere minutes or less.

The HP series is shipped with upgraded modern pickups for higher output and more aggressive tones. The control knobs come with push-pull functionality, allowing you to shape your sound in any way imaginable. The modern vibe that permeates the HP series is accentuated by details such as modern chrome top hat knobs, chrome pickup covers, and a two-tone brushed aluminum truss rod cover. The High Performance guitars also have removable pickguards that instantly and easily can change the look of your instrument.

So, what’s right for you—T or HP? That is really only something you can decide for yourself, but hopefully this feature has given you an idea of what to expect from our two carefully handcrafted series. One thing is for certain: both series are made to give you the best in terms of quality, playability, and tone. So, the choice is yours! Head over to your local Gibson dealer and find out which guitar from our 2017 T and HP series is right for you!