The Gibson USA High Performance line is designed to give you a more futuristic, more playable, more intuitive instrument. The more comfortable Soloist neck, sturdier noiseless toggle switch and gold-plated multi-contact jack, Titanium saddles and Zero-Fret adjustable nut, next-generation G FORCE™ tuners - it all adds up to an instrument that cuts past anything that can slow down the connection between you and your music. And perhaps the most literal example of such a feature is the new fast-access heel.

Gibson HP Fast Action Heel If you’re the kind of player whose melodic ideas takes them up to the higher frets, the new neck joint will get you there with ergonomic comfort and a new level of access. First of all, it allows you to hit the highest notes of the low E string more comfortably because you won’t be working against a blocky neck/body joint. This means you can be more assertive with vibrato and bending on those higher notes.

But beyond that, it enhances the smoothness with which you can go from the lowest frets to the highest ones: the transition from neck to body is smooth and flowing, with a gentle sweep that progressively repositions your hand to the optimal position for whichever frets you’re playing. By the time you get to the highest notes, your fretting hand is angled in a way that lets you continue to play as comfortably on the 20th fret as the tenth. It effectively removes the moment of hesitation, the ‘whoops, there’s the neck joint, time to change my fretting-hand position’ effect, which is especially great news for those of us who like to play progressive technical styles that require using all of the fretboard in a far-reaching melody line.

The fast-access heel also allows you easier, more comfortable access to the higher frets of the lower strings, giving you wider range for arpeggios, more confidence for hammer-on licks in that region of the guitar, and the ability to play higher chord voicings with more notes than might typically be comfortable on a conventional neck joint.

And in addition to all of those benefits, it’s also designed to look beautiful. It practically invites you to explore its improved ergonomics and access. When combined with the rounder fret edges and more comfortable Soloist style, the HP neck gives you the ultimate in expressiveness for your music.