Zero Fret Adjustable Nut by Gibson USA

The Zero-Fret Adjustable Nut (Z-FAN for short) is a superior nut design in Gibson’s 2016 High-Performance guitars, because it provides exceptional adjustability to match various playing styles. First introduced in 2015, Z-FAN for 2016 benefits from all-titanium construction for extreme durability, and a retaining screw so the nut stays in place when you change strings.

Similarly to bridge adjustments, you can adjust Z-FAN’s height and angle. This creates Gibson’s “4-point action adjustment” with four places to adjust string action. For example, if you prefer a really light touch, set both the nut and bridge as low as possible. But if you’re a high fret “tapper” and power chord “basher,” then choose lower action on the higher frets by lowering the bridge, and higher action on the lower frets by raising the nut.

Angling the nut or bridge gives even more options, like having higher action on the lower strings, and lower action on the higher strings. This lets open strings ring out better, but you won’t need to apply as much pressure when fretting higher notes.

One of the coolest Z-FAN features is instant slide guitar—raise the nut as high as possible, then slide away. What’s more, because the High Performance guitars include G FORCE, you can push a couple buttons to retune your guitar with a slide-friendly open tuning (like open G or open E) within seconds. Yes, you really can convert your High Performance guitar into a slide guitar in under a minute.

Few factors influence your relationship with a guitar as much as the action, so Z-FAN’s ability to adjust it in more ways than just altering the bridge height is a major improvement in customizing a guitar’s feel to your specific needs and playing style.