Malibu, Anderson Paak’s second album placed the Oxnard, California rapper on the global map, topping critics’ lists all over the world and scoring a 2017 Grammy nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

Since then, Anderson Paak’s star has grown bigger and brighter and now he’s part of the voices heard in a new documentary called Word Is Bond that “examines the transformative power of lyrics in the world of hip-hop music.” Directed by Sacha Jenkins, the documentary features interviews with rappers like Nas, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Jadakiss, Tech N9ne, Rapsody and Paak, who, in a new trailer discusses early plans for his music: “When I was really trying to write music, I thought I was gonna be an MC. I thought I was gonna be a gangsta rapper, I was influenced by Snoop and Dre. There was nothing bigger than that.”

Anderson Paak

Paak has since added more colours to his sonic palette however, as he reveals how he filters varied influences into his music, saying, “I love Radiohead’s stuff. I like sad white boy music, too. That stuff is all important to me, and it all goes into my artistry, but it’s coming from a hip-hop perspective.”

While there’s no word yet from anyone in Radiohead about their thoughts on Paak, both acts have featured on festival line-ups across the world over the last few years, so it’s not hard to imagine that they’ve caught him live at some point.

Watch Anderson Paak in the new trailer for Word Is Bond here.