Given that we don’t know how Angus Young plans to move forward with AC/DC or when Fleetwood Mac will tour next and that both bands, after close to a half-century of music, are now around that stage when musicians decide to retire – given all this, it was nothing short of heartwarming to see former AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson join Mick Fleetwood on stage in Hawaii over the weekend.

Fleetwood was performing at the restaurant he owns in Maui, Hawaii when he surprised patrons by inviting Johnson up on stage. After bantering with the crowd – during which he joked that “it’s a big honor for me to be on stage with my idol, Mr. Flick Meetwood” – Johnson launched into a rendition of the old jazz/blues standard ‘Get Your Kicks On) Route 66’.

Johnson was forced to retire mid-tour from fronting AC/DC in 2016, owing to hearing issues and was replaced by Axl Rose for the rest of the Rock Or Bust World Tour. However, he’s been responding well to treatment and it’s possible that he might return to performing in some form in the future. Fleetwood Mac ended their last tour in 2015, and while there have been rumors that they might tour again, there’s no confirmation as yet.