The Foo Fighters recently shared a video of them at rehearsal, and though the song they started playing seemed like John Lennon’s 1971 classic ‘Imagine’, it turned out to be a bit of a curveball. As it turns out, the Foos were practicing their own unique mashup of ‘Imagine’ – thoughtful and optimistic – with the raucous, cheeky lyrics of Van Halen’s 1984 signature anthem ‘Jump’.

You wouldn’t think the two songs could even be thought of together, much less spliced together, but with Foo Fighter keyboard player Rami Jaffee playing the signature piano melody of ‘Imagine’ and Dave Grohl singing David Lee Roth’s lyrics, it works just fine. (Drummer Taylor Hawkins’ barked-out backing vocals don’t hurt either). Watch the video of the rehearsal here.

The Foo Fighter then took the song live on stage, playing it to fans at their recent shows in Brazil. Here’s fan footage of one of the performances.