Everyone loves it when their favourite celebrities come down from their pedestals, hang with the common people and just show us that they’re nice, normal people. Arcade Fire’s frontman and band leader Win Butler did more than fans bargained for, when he showed up at Little Tokyo in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Arcade Fire

In the city to take part in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game on Friday, Butler decided to celebrate his performance – seven points, ten rebounds and four assists, as Pitchfork recounts – with an unannounced visit to a karaoke bar. As it turns out, they had ‘Intervention’ (from Arcade Fire’s 2007 album Neon Bible) on the system and Butler didn’t disappoint.

In a video shared on Twitter, by @ArcadeFireTube, Butler is seen singing along to the song, even shaking off the awkwardness of karaoke performances by walking around the venue with the mike, thrilling fans and patrons.

You have to love a rock star who takes time to karaoke with the people.