Slash, whose Velvet Revolver is currently on tour with Alice in Chains, tells that he is nearly finished with the autobiography that he’s been working on with former Rolling Stone scribe Anthony Bozza, who you remember helped Tommy Lee pen the often lurid and bombastic Tommyland. Due to hit shelves on October 15, Slash reportedly decided to put finger to computer when he realized he couldn't stand all the mis-information out there about his longstanding feud with former bandmate Axl Rose, including reports that he made an unannounced 5:30 a.m. visit to Axl Rose’s house two years ago. "I started realizing the amount of rumors and s**t that Guns N' Roses has generated in all the books that are unauthorized. I hooked up with this guy and I started to do an autobiography and so it's coming out."

But even with a co-writer, Slash confided that he found the writing process harder than he imagined. "It seems like it's all about me. It's sort of weird. It's got some funny s**t in it. It's not really a book that I'm out attacking anybody or venting all my grievances in it or that kind of s**t. It does sort of factually tell everything that happened since I started till now." He's contracted to do five "in store" book singings to promote the tome, so look for him in a Barnes & Noble near you.