It’s seems that the legendary singer-songwriter Young is on a mission to fill the world with all the glorious music of his five-decade-long career. He’s released so much music and so frequently, only real Young obsessives will ever be able to cover it all.

To that mountain of great Young music, get set to add a new album: Young has announced the upcoming release of a new live set titled Roxy Tonights The Night, recorded at the famed Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles between September 20 and 22, 1973. The performances include the live debuts of nine songs from Young’s classic 1975 studio album Tonights The Night. In fact, Young and his band at the time, The Santa Monica Flyers added the songs to their setlist, because they already knew them inside out.

As Young is quoted in Rolling Stone, “We really knew the Tonight's The Night songs after playing them for a month [in the studio]. So we just played them again, the album, top to bottom, without the added songs, two sets a night, for a few days. We had a great time." In fact, the recordings are of the first-ever live performances at the then brand-new Roxy Theater.

Roxy Tonights The Night is scheduled to release on April 21st (as a special Record Store Day exclusive) followed by a standard release a week later.