Metallica started their reissue campaign last year with a re-release of Master Of Puppets, R.E.M and Radiohead marked the anniversaries of Automatic for the People and OK Computer with vinyl reissues and Led Zeppelin’s been doing it for years. Given the glorious resurgence of vinyl over the last few years, U2 have announced the upcoming re-release of Pop (1997), All That You Can’t Leave Behind and the EP Wide Awake In America (1985) on vinyl. According to the announcement on the band’s website, each remastered reissue will include “faithful reproduction of original artwork” and will release on April 13.

Pop saw U2 depart from their straight-up rock sound, choosing instead to experiment with electronica, sampling, loops and programming. The follow-up, All That You Can’t Leave Behind, saw a return to their anthemic rock sound, snaring them seven Grammy Awards. The four-track Wide Awake In America EP featured two live tracks and two B-Sides and released in 1985.

U2 kick off their Experience + Innocence Tour in the US this May, followed by a European leg in September. Go here for more details.