Recently, John 5 (David Lee Roth, Marilyn Manson,Rob Zombie) and Jeff Nolan, Hard Rock’s music historian tried out a line-up of iconic axes from the Hard Rock vaults. Among the many guitars that John 5 got to play were three legendary Gibsons – Jimi Hendrix’s white 1967 Gibson SG Custom, Paul Kossoff’s ’57 Les Paul Jr. and Mick Taylor’s 1958 Les Paul Standard. In each video, John 5 plays the guitars while Nolan explains their historical significance.

John 5

Nolan starts off with Hendrix’s SG Custom, handing it over to John 5 who admiringly puts it through its paces, eventually stating that, “It's just an incredible piece of history, I can't get over it…I've seen this guitar in pictures and video a zillion times. It's just so strange to be holding it and playing it.” Remember, this is the same guitar Hendrix used in his now famous appearance on the Dick Cavett show in 1969, playing ‘Izabella’ and ‘Machine Gun’. For more information on this iconic axe, go here.

Also in the line-up, is Paul Kossoff’s first-ever Les Paul, the ’57 Les Paul Jr., which according to John 5, “just feels and sounds incredible." Nolan especially loves this guitar, saying, "That guitar to is the rock n' roll voice" and calling it a "big chunk of mahogany” with “one pickup just nailed straight to it, you can't go wrong." According to Nolan, "the stars were right above Kalamazoo when they built that one" and "everything came together with this little guitar." Read more about Kossoff’s Les Paul Jr. here.

The final Gibson in this line-up of historic guitars is a 1958 Les Paul Standard that belonged to the Rolling Stones. As Nolan points out, "Mick Taylor played it a lot, but Keith had his hands on it too." Its iconic status comes from the fact that it’s the guitar that drummer Charlie Watts is brandishing on the cover of the Rolling Stones’ 1970 live album Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! To know more about Mick Taylor’s fondness for Les Paul Standards, go here.