In a tale that would send chills up Ted Nugent’s spine, Rush drummer Neil Peart recently wrote about his deadly duel with a deer in Texas. On his website, the Rush drummer—who drives his motorcycle to gigs while band members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson travel by plane or tour bus—said in a blog entry, “I was only going about 40 miles-per-hour when a blur of brown dashed right in front of me, so sudden that my first sight of the deer was when my front wheel hit it squarely. The handlebar wobbled between my hands, and the adrenaline began to surge, as time seemed to hang suspended.” Peart’s riding partner, Michael, who was behind him, stopped and shot the deer so it would not suffer. Rush is currently criss-crossing the U.S. on their Snakes and Arrows tour, so if that helmeted guy in the Harley looks like Neil Peart, streaking across your neighborhood, it probably is Neil Peart. He says he’s already clocked in 13,211 miles in the first 32 days on tour. —Jaan Uhelszki