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LPX, the Ultimate Les Paul
Effects, pedals, AC adapters, batteries, direct boxes, amps, tuners, patch cords—they're a major hassle, but a necessary part of your sound. Or are they?

More than six decades into the evolution of the solidbody electric guitar, the LPX—new from Gibson USA—unlocks your full potential as an artist by removing the boundaries between you and your instrument.

With the supremely playable and beautifully crafted LPX, your sound lives in your guitar. Plug into an amp, a front of house mixer, or an audio interface: your sound goes there with you. 55 expertly designed presets, using the LPX's dazzling array of world-class, built-in processors, take your tone from searing leads, to tender ballads, to the sound of various iconic guitars, to rocking rhythms, to much more—quickly and easily.

But don't stop there: Create your own signature sounds that shape the LPX to your musical desires. What's more, footswitch and expression pedal controllers communicate wirelessly with the LPX to minimize stage clutter, while robot tuning keeps your guitar perfectly in tune. And that's just for starters.

There are plenty of guitars for the timid. For the bold, there's LPX.

Top 10 Features
Create all your sounds within the LPX using triple active pickups, distortion, amps, multiple delays, compressor, chorus, reverb, octaver, flanger, wah, tremolo, looper, ultra-flexible EQ, and more. When you take your guitar from stage to studio, your customized, signature sounds travel with you—no pedalboard required. No acoustic guitar required, either. LPX's built-in acoustic guitar sounds, including a resonator guitar for slide fanatics, are stunning. Ground-breaking Stay perfectly in tune with Gibson's exclusive Robot Tuning technology, which also opens up the world of alternate tunings to kickstart your creativity and access new tunings in seconds.. LPX includes a separate, audiophile-quality USB 2.0 interface called the G-Node™. The guitar automatically detects and connects digitally via a stereo cable delivering pristine 48k/24-bit audio into the computer. It can break out as individual string outputs for recording with most modern DAW's. You want new sounds? They're yours! LPX even includes Native Instruments' Guitar Rig 4® so you can explore unique sonic dimensions. Dual wireless pedals/footswitches Don't worry about power. A spare LPX battery is small enough to fit in your pocket with plenty of room left over and swaps out in seconds. Keep it simple—or dive deep. Dial up one of the 55 sensational preset sounds, tweak them with onboard controls, or use the included computer editor with the G-Node™ for Mac or Windows that lets you surgically edit existing sounds, tunings and pickups or create new ones from scratch. Shuttle and share custom patch sets in and out of the LPX, and more. Yes, the technology is impressive. But pick up the LPX and start playing: This innovative musical instrument truly has the soul of a Les Paul with the playability, tone, and craftsmanship that's unique to Gibson. Best of all, the technology never gets in the way. Put it all together and the LPX is an unprecedented guitar capable of delivering anything you want from a six-string, yet still straightforward enough to grind out hardcore rock'n'roll all night long.
Audio Samples
Play Preset Description
Neck Pickup Bank 1, Switch 1: This is the straight LPX neck pickup, no EQ, with a bit of the global hall reverb for a classic sound.
Single Coil Neck + Mid Bank 2, Switch 2: This is the classic single coil, neck and mid pickup with a global hall reverb.
Les Paul Bridge Pickup with Global Distortion and Reverb Bank 3, Switch 5: This is a Les Paul bridge pickup emulation using only EQ with the guitar’s global workhouse distortion and the guitar’s global hall reverb..
Acoustic Shimmer Bank 4, Switch 2: This is using only the guitar’s piezo pickups with EQ and modulation, once again analog modeling.
Resonator Guitar Bank 4, Switch 4: If you always wanted a Dobro, here’s your chance. A combination of EQ, resonant delay, bottleneck slide, and an open tuning (courtesy of the Robo-Tuner technology) creates convincing resonator guitar emulation.
J-45 Bank 4, Switch 5: The LPX acoustic guitar emulation, using only the piezo pickup. The sound is very similar to an electrified Gibson J-45.
Flanger Bank 5, Switch 5: This flanger sound adds a bit of resonance, but sharp-eared flanger aficionados will recognize that the LPX does true, “through-zero” flanging that re-creates the sound of tape flanging. In other words, the flanging time differential can go all the way down to 0 seconds, just like tape. Most flanger effects can’t do this.
Looper Bank 6, Switch 5: Looping delay for sound on sound.
Metal Bank 8, Switch 5: This is a base line distortion recorded direct, which can be fully edited and/or played through an amp. This has a mid scoop with boosted highs.
Octaver with Distortion Bank 9, Switch 1: Classic octaver sound with distortion.
Distortion Chorus Delay Bank 9, Switch 2: Classic sound a la many ‘70s guitarists.
Blues Bank A, Switch 1: Old School with slight distortion.
Ziggy Bank A, Switch 2: ‘70s type distortion.
Old Jazz Bank B, Switch 1: Using only EQs to produce this L5 types sound.
Rockabilly Bank B, Switch 3: Check out that single-coil pickup sound, augmented by a brash amp simulation and echoes, spaced at the same delay time as old tape-based delays.
Southern Solo Bank B, Switch 4: Classic single coil a la southern rock sounds.
Starting at
LPX in Action
  • Gibson LPX
Pricing & Finish
  • Honeyburst
  • Translucent Black
Version Type (pdf)
1.3h Manual
1.2b Quickstart
1.0b Editor Manual
1.0a Editor Quickstart
2.16a G-Node Audio Interface
Version Type (executables)
2.14 Editor Setup - Windows
2.14 Editor Setup - MAC
2.16 Editor Setup - Windows
*Important, please read
2.16 Editor Setup - MAC
*Important, please read
N/A G-Node and FBX Editor Patch - Windows 8.1
*Important, please read
  • Mahogany body with grade AAA figured Maple top
  • Mahogany neck '60s SlimTaper™ profile
  • Granadillo fingerboard with dot inlays
  • Alnico V and Alnico II magnets in the neck and and bridge positions with a ceramic magnet in the middle position
  • Piezo-loaded Tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece
  • Automated RoboHead™ tuning with 11 tuning presets
  • 55 presets available with included G Node™ "break-out box"
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