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Customer Testimonials

Good morning Mr. Tucker. This is Jim, the guy that drove from Charlottesville, Virginia to your shop and dropped off a 1988 EDS-1275 Double Neck for some repair work. Well, the guitar arrived back to me yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!! You guys did a tremendous job and I can't imagine the guitar playing any better than it does right now. I just couldn't be more pleased! So I just wanted to say thank you for the great experience getting to meet you guys in person at the shop and for the outstanding work you did for me. Please pass this on to the guys in the shop that worked on my guitar if you wouldn't mind. I can assure you that all my work will come to you guys in the future. I also have a Custom Shop Les Paul Axcess, a 1968 ES-335 and a 1975 Strat. I'll bet they will all see your shop at some point in the future! ;)



FEDEX brought my instrument (and the old case with parts) very promptly down from Nashville, and your careful packing ensured nothing was wrong. Please give Dave and all who worked on the SG my heartfelt and sincere thanks for their incredible workmanship. It looks and plays better than new. The Kluson tuners were the right thing to do. The new finish is fantastic; the veneer worked beautifully - imperceptible unless you know to look for it. The reworked fretboard and frets play beautifully and look great. The electronics work fine; there is no hum and plenty of power. Your choices in hardware were perfect - to my eye, it really looks like a '61 now. The new case with white lining is beautiful and really sets off the finish - again, the right thing to do. After more than 30 years, I could not be more pleased with the result - you've rescued my guitar from the mistakes of my youth! Now I've got to get a new amp to go with an instrument of this quality; my old Roland is just not up to the task ;)

Take care and may God bless all of you richly this and every day!
Steve Mathews


After I cried awhile, I played for 14 hours non-stop...this is the first time I have gone more than an hour on a guitar since this very same one was still playable, about 18 years ago...MY SOUL has returned via your workshop crew. That is the best way I can describe my life now...

Wonderful job. Thanks so much. Have no idea how you got the finger scratching out of the top, but you did. It looks great, and I thank you all for your professionalism.

Sound is terrific – finger board wonderful...


I just wanted to let you guys know, I thank you so much for the work you did on my guitar. I have owned the guitar since late 70's and the original owner had it for 20 years or so. It is beautifully restored and plays unbelieveble. There were 30 people at the house for the unveiling, It will become a cherished part of our family fo the next several generations....

Thank you from the entire Ralph Family.
Ben Ralph

Hi Todd,

I just wanted to report that I picked up my 355 today. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with the results of your diligence and hard work. Thanks to you and to everyone at the Repair Shop who had a part in this rewiring. The guitar looks great and sounds great as well! Running around the rotary switch reveals some really nice sounds, more like what I heard back in 1964 when I first tried one. The pickups sound fabulous, and the tone pots provide much better clarity than previously. And the volume roll off is much better, keeping more of the pickups' brightness.

I can't get over the wide variety of tones...this is the way this guitar is supposed to be!

Thank you so much!
Kenny Lee Norton

Hi Todd,

The guitar arrived on Friday October 27 and is gorgeous. It brought me to tears. I have waited 30 plus years to be able to correct a mistake of youth. It is done and done gloriously well.

Thank you and all the luthiers at Gibson. You have wrought a good work on me and my family. I still remember when my uncle brought me the guitar when I was 13 or 14. He was dying and it was his wish that I got the guitar. So, it means a great deal to me.

My friend Kelly was right. He said even the box you shipped it back in was cool.

Curtis Thompson


UPS just arrived with my beautifully restored J45. It was very well packaged along with the case. What an awesome restoration your staff did! I wish we could have found time to get back to Nashville, but I could see it just wasn't going to happen. Thanks again for the quick turnaround, I expected you to have it at least another month or so. I can't wait to tune it up and enjoy those beautiful rich tones of a vintage Gibson!

Thanks for everything!
Rick Pawloski

Dear Todd,

Our Baby arrived today Thurs @ 11:00 am! Herb and I both are at a loss for words. The luthier D.C.B. did a remarkable job. Please thank that individual for there excellent craftsmanship. We both had forgotten what a BEAUTIFUL guitar it truly is. Knowing the history of the guitar makes it even more special.

Again, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you all. When we get to Nashville we will give you a call. Have a great day

Mary Elizabeth Chaney


The repair on my EB-0 has far exceeded my expectations!! Thank you for such an excellent repair. I can't tell you how devastated I was that Sunday my EB-0 hit the floor and I picked it up in two pieces. This bass was given to me 31 years ago by my parents and I was just destroyed that the forked head stock was broken, and for the first time since I was fifteen I could no longer play my bass.

Please pass on to your repair technicians my sincere appreciation for their efforts and expertise concerning the repair of my bass.

I can not tell you how happy I am with the repair; you guys did an excellent job!! Keep up the good work.

Once again, thanks for giving me back my EB-0.
Steve Gaskins

Hello Timothy,

Hey, how you doing? Just had to send you an E-mail about my flying V. I am amazed at what you guys did, the guitar came out phenomenal!!!!!! Thank you,Thank you,Thank you!!! I got the guitar yesterday afternoon, and I was up most of the night playing it. I spent a couple hours letting it acclimate and just looking over the fine work you guys did. I never thought the guitar would be playable again until I saw that you guys at Gibson were restoring instruments. I also didn't think it would be as nice as it is, well done, definately worthy of the Gibson name again! It played so bad before, almost scrapped the guitar. Also, it wasn't me who let this beauty go to crap. An ex-girlfriend of mine had a little brother, he owned it, I saw the case in her closet while he was goin through hard times and bought it for 300 bucks because I knew it was hurtin, didn't realize till later how bad it was. Now its as good as new , and I've never seen a Gibson flying V like mine....just beautiful. I will definately reccommend you guys to all my friends and musicians I know, the work that was done blows me away. I can't put it down, my 2 Les Pauls are gettin jealous lol.
Thank you,
Michael Battaglini

P.S.- calling in sick today so I can play-Gibson Guy Forever-beyond

Repair: J-45 Deluxe Hello Timothy,Just got the guitar, tuned it up and played a couple of licks -- it sounds, plays, and looks great! Thanks for all you've done. I wasn't really sure I should have had repaired before, but now I'm glad I did it!Have a blessed day!
Baker, FL

Repair: '65 ES-330 Tim Tucker-Hey! I almost forgot! My repaired guitar, new hardshell case, and old case arrived safe and sound. That new case is built like a tank!! Just wanted to give y'all some feedback- the work you did is absolutely awesome!! The guitar now plays as if it's new- the neck and fretwork is perfect- you can't even tell it was worked on, and one would have to struggle to tell the bridge was moved at all.So, I guess I'm quite pleased with the work! Kudos to your craftsman!!

Doug Campbell
Hi Tim, just a short note: The 335 was delivered this morning, it arrived safely.

Re-fret job: you were absolutely correct; the guitar was "in good hands." The workmanship appears to be impeccable; truly superb.I extend my gratitude to you and Joey, thank you, so much!Doug A

I picked up the guitar at the Gibson Showcase a couple of weeks ago (thanks also to Mr. Timothy Tucker for having the guitar brought over to the showcase so I could pick it up on Saturday), and the guitar is magnificent! The repairs are perfect - no finish blend lines at the juncture of old and new lacquer at all. Needless to say the tone is incredible! I really liked the old pickups (which Todd packaged neatly in the case pocket with the old volume pots he decided to replace as well), but the new Burstbuckers are amazing! I never realized any guitar could sound this good. Thanks again for your excellent repair work and phenomenal service and for hiring guys like Mr. Todd Money, that really understand your instruments and those of us that live to play them! Sincerely,Ken F. FincherHuntsville, AL

Tim:My son, Hawkins, received his repaired guitar a few weeks ago and it looks like new. You did an excellent job and we both appreciated your advice. It was nice working with you.

Zeb, Betty, and I can not thank You and everyone there enough. Zeb was blown away by the tour of your repair facility and all of the guitars he saw while there. He can't stop talking about the things he saw and how great everyone there treated him. Please tell everyone there how much Betty and I appreciate how special all of you made this for Zeb.His Explorer sounds and looks awsome!!! They arrived home around 9pm our time,( 8pm yours) and he was up until 2am telling me about the trip and playing the guitar. Needless to say he didn't go to school as he slept until 1 the next day. Thank you for something he will remember as one of the most special days in his life.Thank you,

How can I begin to thank you guys for the EXCELLENT work you did restoring my 1961 Les Paul Jr. ! When I opened the case and saw it again for the first time since I sent it off to Nashville I couldn't believe my eyes. It was like having an old friend back ... only better ! The guitar is absolutely GORGEOUS ! I have inspected every square inch of it and can not find a single flaw. You guys are TOPS! A special thanks to you Todd, for your personal attention from start to finish (no pun intended). I intend to pass this heirloom on to my own sons one day. Thanks for making it right.

Craig R. Gauker
Shiloh, NC

Oh MY GOODNESS!!!!! What a beautiful work of art!!!! I am so sorry I have not written back yet, and this is just a quick note to you to let you know that my new baby arrived safely. I can’t keep my hands off of her! She plays like butter!!!!
Thank you so much!!!
Mary L. Williams.

"The '53 is an incredible example of transformation. It is beautiful and absolutely sings. They have worked on three other Les Pauls of mine and two acoustics (a Gibson and a Martin). All excellent work no matter what was asked. I will send them no place else. If you want it done with expertise and care, send it to the company that makes them."
Pete Shackett
professional musician since 1963.

"The road beats the sh** out of my beloved guitars. These guitars are all that stands between me and abject poverty. Thank God for Todd Money and his gang for keeping my bread and butter flowing,"
John Bohlinger
Bandleader and guitarist - Nashville Star TV show

"Words are hard to express the amazement by my colleagues, and myself, of the work performed by Valley Arts on my ( 30 year old ) Gibson Hummingbird. The workmanship is amazing and playability is exact. You guys ROCK!"
Jimmy Ray
National Recording Artist


I just wanted to thank you for your work. The guitar looks and plays great."

Jon Grunden
Ada Bible Church
Student Ministry