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  1. I just found my grandpa's guitar in the attic.  Can I send it to you for restoration?
    We would be happy to evaluate any instrument made by any maker.  Just contact us for a Repair Authorization number.
  2. Do you only work on Gibson guitars?
    While most of our work is done on Gibson guitars, we will gladly take in guitars made by any manufacturer.
  3. My vintage Gibson has cracks in the finish, will you refinish the guitar for me?
    Laquer checking is a natural phenomenon that occurs as a result of changes in temperature, humidity, and the curing process of the lacquer.  Even if we make the guitar look brand new, it is likely that the lacquer will check again over time.  In addition to that, often times a guitar's value can be decreased up to 50% if we replace the original finish.  We typically don't refinish work on older guitars unless absolutely necessary.
  4. Do I need to do anything special when I ship my guitar to you?
    Yes.  It is a good idea to detune the strings at least a couple of steps to remove some of the tension.  The string tension will cause sort of a whiplash effect, thus snapping the headstock, if the box is dropped during shipping.  Put your guitar in the case and the case in an oversized box with 2-4 inches of padding all around.  Find out what your instrument is worth and insure it for that amount.
  5. Can you tell me how much my guitar is worth?
    The used/vintage guitar market is constantly changing and it needs to be closely tracked.  For that reason, we typically will refer you to a reputable vintage instrument dealer for the value of your guitar.Blue Book Publications, Inc. provides excellent online services on both vintage and new Gibson guitar (acoustic and electric), amplifiers, and mandolins – some of them at no charge. CLICK HERE, and you will be directed to the Blue Book site.
    click here

    Vintage Guitar Magazine provides excellent an excellent Vintage Price Guide CLICK HERE, and you will be directed to the Vintage Guitar site.