When a great vocalist takes the stage, it's impossible to turn away. The metal genre has many such charismatic singers, and we're honoring 10 of them right here. Read on for Gibson.com's Top 10 Greatest Metal Vocalists, in alphabetical order. Metal on!

Bon Scott

When Bon Scott left us, it was beyond imagination that AC/DC would be able to continue. With his wicked humor and bombastic stage show, Scott was so much of AC/DC. Fans will never forget the unique character he instilled in the legendary Aussie band.

Brian Johnson

The sudden passing of original AC/DC singer Bon Scott left an incredible amount of pain and heartache. After Scott's death, Malcolm and Angus Young found comfort in their music. They tried out different vocalists and picked Newcastle, England, native Brian Johnson to front the group. Carrying Scott's legacy wasn't easy, but Johnson - with his pitch-perfect vocals and laid-back appearance - thrived with AC/DC. His first album with the band was Back in Black. Enough said.

Bruce Dickinson

Sure, Bruce Dickinson may be an airline pilot and broadcaster, but above all, he's the incredible vocalist of Iron Maiden. His thick, unmistakable vibrato gives Dickinson's vocals rock-solid power as he sings straight to the upper range. This guy has a God-given gift, indeed.

Dave Mustaine

From the get-go, Dave Mustaine championed virtuosity in Megadeth's metal music. His dedication to proficiency and head-spinning skill have made Megadeth one of the most respected names in metal, especially by the most elite fans. The fact he did it with not only his guitar playing but also his songwriting and vocal delivery makes him an obvious pick for this tally.

James Hetfield

"Obey your master! Master!" When James Hetfield sings, you know it's the voice of Metallica. His angsty growl guides Metallica's lengthy catalog of thrash metal music-- a catalog that made Metallica one of the most popular and influential metal bands of the '80s and '90s. It only takes one lyric for Hetfield to get an arena of metal fans on their feet.

Maynard James Keenan

Maynard James Keenan has an untouchable mystery and curiosity in his persona, and he's 100% himself. Add to that Keenan's commanding vocals and near-mystical onstage presence, and it's not a surprise that he and his band mates have a cult-like following. Keenan brought underground and experimental metal to a much lager audience, and for that, we are grateful.

Ozzy Osbourne

Not only does Ozzy Osbourne carry a haunting charisma that's perfect for the metal genre, but he knows how to surround himself with the finest musicians around: Geezer Butler, Tony, Iommi, Zakk Wylde and Bill Ward, to name a few. From the instant Black Sabbath debuted in the late '60s, it was obvious Ozzy would become known as much for his one-of-a-kind persona as his eerie singing and shows.

Phil Anselmo

Part of Pantera's metal charm was how well band members' talents complimented each other. Dimebag Darrell's ingenious guitar playing painted the perfect backdrop for Phil Anselmo's crushing vocals. Darrell's death and the subsequent end of Pantera remain some of metal music's darkest moments.

Rob Halford

Rob Halford by Anne Erickson

Not many metal singers have the kind of street cred to pull of a full-fledged, traditional-sounding Christmas album, but then again, Rob Halford isn't your typical metal singer. (That album, Halford III: Winter Songs, by the way, is an epic listen.) It's difficult - if not impossible - to find a more dignified metal frontman, whether regarding Halford's onstage charisma or majestic vocals or the way he carries himself personally.

Ronnie James Dio

"Holy Diver." Enough said. That song alone could get Ronnie James Dio onto our list of fantastic metal vocalists. "Holy Diver" is the finest example of his towering, full-bodied vocal sound and style, and it remains the benchmark for many aspiring metal singers. Here's a pure, unaffected voice that will never be duplicated.

Photo credit: Anne Erickson