In 2017, Gibson Brands began offering guitarists a choice between the Les Paul Standard HP (High Performance) and Les Paul Standard T (Traditional), giving players true variety in their Les Paul Standard models.

In a new review, the folks at took a look at the Les Paul Standard HP and Les Paul Standard T and found positives in both Gibson models.

Les Paul
Les Paul Standard HP


Les Paul
Les Paul Standard T

"It's really cool that Gibson is offering players a choice - a more traditional Les Paul Standard, or one with modern high-performance enhancements," the review states. "Not everyone is caught up in tradition, and not everyone wants to see changes made to an icon; this way, both can get what they want. And once you sit down and play one of these guitars, there's a good chance you're going to want one or the other - they are very impressive instruments."

When it comes to which guitar comes out on top, says "it's really hard to say, because both are winners." The review also points out some key differences based on players' preferences.

"I have smaller hands so I went into this review thinking I'd probably prefer the slightly narrower neck of the Les Paul Standard 2017 T, but I found that in conjunction with the SlimTaper, asymmetrical profile, the slightly wider Soloist neck on the Standard 2017 HP worked better for me than I imagined it would," reviewer Phil O'Keefe stated.

"I also love the ease of access to the highest frets that it provides," he added. "While both guitars have beautiful finishes and lovely tops, the higher-grade one on the Standard 2017 HP looks a bit prettier, although the flame and figuring in the Standard T's top will earn it plenty of compliments too."

If O'Keefe had to pick one, "I think I'd opt for the Les Paul Standard 2017 HP. Sure, it costs a bit more, but I think it's worth it for what you're getting in terms of the fast and versatile high tech tuners, somewhat better-grade top, and improved access to the high frets. For me, either guitar would make a great lifetime musical partner that I'd be proud to own due to the great playability and legendary sound."

The review concludes, "So the question isn't really which one would I pick, but which one will you choose? And really, the only way to make that decision is to head down to a Gibson dealer and give both a try. I think you'll be glad you did."

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