Roman Miroshnichenko playing Gibson Les Paul Vic DaPra

If you own a Gibson Les Paul Vic DaPra model, you are very lucky. Just 25 of the Les Paul 1959 Reissues were made, and named in honor of Vic DaPra - author, guitar aficionado, expert on Les Pauls and appraiser for collectors, such as Jimmy Page and Robby Krieger. DaPra is owner of Guitar Gallery in North Strabane, Pennsylvania, USA.

Now, one of the ultra-rare beautiful ‘burst Les Pauls has found its way to Russian guitar star Roman Miroshnichenko. He says on his website, “I've always loved the versatility and legendary sound of the Gibson Les Paul. With a Les Paul you can play any type of music and it sounds fantastic. I hope to use my new guitar in many of my upcoming performances and future recordings.” Miroshnichenko is a huge star in Russia, Ukraine and beyond. In the U.S, he is an Independent Music Awards winner.

DaPra told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the guitar’s launch, “I think Gibson really outdid themselves.... This is the best copy [of a ‘59] yet for playability and sound.” One of the other lucky owners of a Gibson Les Paul Vic DaPra is Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen.